In order to foster existing and forge new research contacts, EARLI's Executive Committee (EC) has launched an initiative called

"EARLI - Centre for Innovative Research (E-CIR)"

which aims at further stimulating innovative research among EARLI members and preparing research proposals for funding. EARLI will grant one E-CIR per year, each for a 4 year period.

In order to apply for the E-CIR period 2017 - 2020, please fill in the application form attached here. The main applicant will be regarded as the first point of contact between the EARLI office and the E-CIR participants.

A. The following requirements must be met when proposing an E-CIR:
• 3 or 4 professors of research centres in research universities can propose to start an E-CIR. The professors of these academic research centres have been EARLI members for at least 4 years.
• The participating research centres are at least from 3 different countries.
• The goal of the E-CIR is to perform joint research on one specific innovative theme. The theme should be shortly introduced - research viability should strongly be illustrated and evidence of valorisation (impact on practice) should be provided.

B. Funding:
1. EARLI provides the elected E-CIR with an annual funding consisting of a maximum budget of €2500 per year (€1250/meeting),         which can be used to cover: 
    • provision of meeting facilities at the EARLI office in Leuven or elsewhere (maximum capacity of 10 persons);
    • provision of lunches & drinks during the meetings;
    • payment of hotel costs for up to 10 participants for a 2-day meeting, twice per year for a period of 4 years.

2. The group of applicants that receives the grant is granted also to carry the titel of "EARLI Centre for Innovative Research" for the     upcoming four years.
    Participants to the E-CIR meetings can be research professors (including associate and assistant professors and PhD students       or post-docs or an occasionally invited scholar / expert with valuable info). Meetings should not exceed 10 participants.

    Participants should cover the costs for their own travelling and for dinners.

C. Required products:

The E-CIR is obliged to show EARLI the results of its meetings:
    • organising a symposium at the EARLI conference
    • joint publications
    • jointly submitted research proposals to official bodies

D. Format for the proposal:
    • Names, affiliations and short CV (200 words) of 3 or 4 professors of research centres.
    • List of publications of these professors.
    • Description of the specific innovative theme of the proposed E-CIR (max. 400 words).
    • Illustration of research viability (max. 200 words)
    • Evidence of valorisation of the research theme/domain (impact on practice)(max. 300 words)

Criteria for selection are primarily:
    • the innovative character of the theme and the research planned;
    • the viability and evidence of valorisation in practice of the research.