JURE - The network for the Junior Researchers of EARLI

JURE (JUnior REsearchers) is a network of EARLI dedicated to the interests of all junior researchers in  the field of learning and instruction. "Junior researcher" includes master and PhD students, as well as graduates who have received their doctorate within the last two years.

Primary aim of JURE is to represent and support research students on matters that are of interest to them. Furthermore, learning and interaction among junior and senior researchers are significant goals for JURE.

JURE organises annual (pre-) conferences that offer the possibility to meet fellow junior researchers from all over Europe, to exchange ideas and experiences with junior and senior researchers and to develop research skills in an international context. JURE provides an environment where juniors can socialise and participate in a scientific community.

JURE membership of EARLI requires:

  • a subscription to a master or a PhD programme or
  • receiving your doctorate within the last two years

JURE members are requested to provide the EARLI Officer with a proof of their student status or with a letter stating the year in which their PhD was received.


JURE membership rate is 35 euro per year. Please be informed that JURE membership has to be applied for yearly and a new proof of student status is required for every renewal of JURE membership.

Please note that EARLI membership runs from January 1st until December 31st.