"A project funded by the European Commission, DG Research, Socio-economic sciences and humanities in the 7th Framework Programme." 

The focus of this proposed project, European Educational Research Quality Indicators (EERQI), is a collaborative, evidence-based effort to develop new indicators and methodologies which can be used to determine research quality of scientific publications and, in turn, research results and their means of dissemination. This affects not only the impacts of research efforts and scientific publications, but also the policies of research funding bodies and assessment boards, national higher education and research councils and at the European level, the policies and programmes on scientific advancement and research orientation.

The overall goals of the prototype framework proposed in this project are to reinforce and enhance the competitiveness of European scientists and scientific research and develop new forms of assessing the effectiveness and quality of research within the European community with regard to scientific publication. The results will be presented to the scientific community for verification, in the case of EERQI to the educational research societies, to experts in the field and to representatives of the respective research funding, promoting and evaluation bodies at the national and European level.

The mission of the EERQI project is to improve the current situation of research quality indicators within the European context in the social sciences and humanities using the example of the field of educational re¬search and by developing new research quality indicators and more com¬pre¬hensive tools and methodologies. These new indicators, tools and methodologies will reflect the pan-European research environment more adequately, as well as the document-type variation element (book, book chapter, journal article, etc.) in the social sciences and hu¬ma¬nities, than previous research quality indicator instruments have done.


Project Partners

The first EERQI workshop organised by EARLI took place 20 and 21 June 2008.