EARLI exists to support and promote an active research culture in the field of learning and instruction. EARLI enables about 2400 members from 61 countries to engage in critical dialogue. They systematically exchange and discuss ideas on instructional and educational research, as well as on research on industrial training. For these scholars, drawn from all parts of Europe and many parts of the world, EARLI provides a platform to contribute to current debates. Through its networks, activities and the publication of journals and book series, EARLI promotes both international and interdisciplinary cooperation.

EARLI Membership

EARLI has grown as an association over the past 30 years and this is clearly visible in the increase of members and participants of the EARLI biennial conferences. EARLI members originate from 61 different countries, and these are the top five countries represented within EARLI:

1. Germany
2. Netherlands
3. United Kingdom
4. United States
5. Finland

After the EARLI 2013 conference in Munich, EARLI had 2805 members of which 2026 were full members and 779 were JURE members.