Organisational Structure of EARLI

Over the years, EARLI has grown in membership, office staff members and more importantly, in the number and complexity of activities supported. As a consequence, the workload for the EARLI President and the members of the Executive Committee has increased accordingly. Each of these members has taken up responsibility for a specific portfolio (Publications, Funding, SIGs, JURE, etc.) and the President takes up responsibility for the management, external relations and other issues.?In previous Executive Committee meetings, this issue was discussed and it was decided to create an appropriate structure to this changing situation.

As a first decision, the Executive Committee has moved the EARLI Office close to Brussels in order to have an office in the centre of Europe and close to the EU officials.

As a second step, the Executive Committee has decided to create the position of Managing Director. This function is meant to fulfill the role of implementing the decisions made by the Executive Committee and the President of EARLI. ?The Managing Director knows the Association profoundly, so a membership of EARLI for at least 5 years and membership of at least 1 Executive Committee is required to be appointed by the Executive Committee as an ex-officio member.? The Managing Director is an academic or a person experienced in both EARLI matters and management issues, preferably residing at the university where the EARLI Office is located. ? The Managing Director acts as the head of personnel of the EARLI Office and coaches, supports and supervises the activities of the EARLI Office personnel on a daily basis. The Managing director will have the responsibility to oversee the implementation of the decisions made by the Executive Committee. ?At present, the Managing Director supervises the activities of the EARLI Project Manager (scientific projects, context related activities, funding and policy/management related activities) and the EARLI Officer (administration, EARLI Net Mailing List and website), next to academic project assistants and administrative assitants. Current activities and future projects will be coordinated so that communication and tasks are completed on a timely basis involving colleagues from the EARLI membership, as deemed appropriate on a case-by-case basis.

We are convinced that our organisation will be able to develop in the desired direction, being the leading European Association for researchers in our field, without losing the character of a rather overseeable membership where we meet each other in small groups, SIGs and other meetings.