EARLI has an Executive Committee that makes policy decisions and reports to the Members' Meeting at each biennial conference. Members vote for a President-Elect, Secretary-Treasurer, as well as for four ordinary members


  Prof. Hans Gruber, Germany

Portfolio holder General strategy & international relations




Sanna Jarvela

 Prof. Sanna Järvelä
portfolio holder SIG's &  EFG's



  Prof. Eleni Kyza, Cyprus
Portfolio holder Finance, IT, HR, legal issues & facilities

Ordinary members


liisa postareff

 Daniel Muijs


Prof. Liisa Postareff, Finland

portfolio holder JURE


Prof. Daniel Muijs, UK

Portfolio holder Communication
(website, news, social media, meetings ...) 

 Ali Leijen  Angelika Kullberg

Äli Leijen, Estonia

Portfolio holder Publications

Angelika Kullberg, Sweden

Portfolio holder EARLI initiatives
(incl. E-CIR, ASC, awards)

Ex-officio members


Editor-in-Chief of Learning and Instruction

Prof.Jan Vermunt, UK                                                                                                       

Editor-in-Chief of Educational Research Review

Prof. David Gijbels, Belgium


Editor-in-Chief of New Perspectives on Learning and Instructions

Prof.Mien Segers, the Netherlands                                                                            

Editor-in-Chief of Frontline Learning Research - FLR

Prof. Erno Lehtinen, Finland



Managing Director of EARLI                                   

Patrick Belpaire, Belgium                                                                                  


President of the 17th biennial EARLI Conference taking place at the University of Tampere, Finland, in 2017

Prof. Eero Ropo, Finland