EARLI Advanced Study Colloquia (ASC)

An ASC is a five-day meeting of a small group of EARLI members (12 to 20) who gather for an in-depth discussion on research design, analysis, results, current developments and future research questions in a specific domain of learning and instruction. The participants, from at least three different countries, are professors, each accompanied by up to two PhD student(s) or junior researchers. The meeting takes place in Europe.


The European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) co-organises and funds the annual Advanced Study Colloquium (ASC). Researchers in the field of learning and instruction are invited to submit proposals for the ASC.

The scientific scope of an ASC is to take stock of an established research domain or to open a new domain within the field of learning and instruction. In either case, an ASC is a meeting of senior and junior researchers where they explore new ground and focus on both the key issues and the methodological aspects. It is expected that an ASC will lead to an output that has substantial impact for research on learning and instruction.


If you are interested in organising an EARLI Advanced Study Colloquium Please contact info@earli.org.
You can download the ASC Policy here.
The submitted proposals will be evaluated taking into consideration the following criteria:

1. Overall Quality & Scientific Originality
Is the proposal breaking new ground?

2. Coherence
Is the topic well developed and are the key issues identified clearly?
3. Methodological Aspects
Does the proposed ASC place adequate emphasis on issues of research design and appropriateness of tools?
4. Added Value for Junior Researchers
Does the proposal make a clear statement about the potential value of the ASC for Junior Researchers?
5. Potential Output
Does the proposed ASC lead to a publication or other specific output?
6. Organisational Details and Supplementary Funding
Does the proposal identify additional funding sources and requisite infrastructure?