EARLI Advanced Study Colloquium 2012

The organisation of an annual Advanced Study Colloquium (ASC) is an initiative that is co-organised and funded by EARLI. The scientific scope of an ASC is to take stock of an established research domain or to open a new domain within the field of learning and instruction. In either case, an ASC is a meeting of senior and junior researchers where they explore new ground and focus on both the key issues and the methodological aspects. It is expected that an ASC will lead to an output that has substantial impact for research on learning and instruction.
After reviewing the proposals submitted for the ASC 2012, the Executive Committee of the European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction unanimously decided to co-organise the ASC "In the eye of the learner. Using eye tracking to design and evaluate education and training methods". The ASC will be hosted by CELSTEC of the Open University, Heerlen, The Netherlands.
The conference aims at instructing young researchers on how to use eye tracking in their studies, showing the potentials of eye tracking for Educational Research to more senior researchers and developing new eye-tracking tools (and validating the present ones) for specific use within educational practice by stimulating a dialogue between eye-tracking experts and educational researchers.