Overview of Sig meetings in 2012:

  • SIG 1 "Assessment and Evaluation"

Took place: 28-31 August 2012
Place: Marriott Hotel Brussels
Website: http://www.earli-sig1-conference.org/

  • SIG 2 "Comprehension of Text and Graphics"

Took place: 29-31 August 2012
Theme: "Staging knowledge and experience: How to take advantage of representational technologies in education and training?"

Place: Grenoble, France

Website: earlisig2-2012.upmf-grenoble.fr

    Took place: 14-17 August 2012
    Theme: "Creativity and innovation in Higher Education"
    Place: University of Tallinn, Estonia

submission deadline CLOSED: February 15, 2012
Website: http://www.tlu.ee/EARLI_SIG_2012

  • SIG 5 Learning and Development in Early Childhood
    Took place: 27-29 August 2012

    Theme: "Researching Development, Learning and Well-Being in Early Childhood"
    Place: Utrecht University, The Netherlands
    Website: http://earlisig.fss.uu.nl

  • SIG 6 & 7 "Instructional Design" and "Learning and Instruction with Computers"

Took place:  11-13 September 2012
Theme: 'Instructional Design for Advancing Learning in a Networked Society'
Place: University of Bari, Italy

1st Call
2nd Call

Website: http://earli-sig67.slo.nl/

  • SIG 8 "Motivation and Emotion"

Took Place: 28-30 August 2012
Place: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Website: www.icm2012.de
1st Call

2nd Call

Call Summer School
Final Call

  • SIG 9 "Phenomenography"

Took place: 27-28 August 2012
Place: Jönköping University, Sweden
submission deadline: 6 April 2012
Website: http://hj.se/hlk/en/business-and-society/the-earli-sig-9-conference.html

  • SIG 10 & 21 "Social Interaction in Learning and Instruction" and "Learning and Teaching in Culturally Diverse Settings"

Took place: 30 August - 1 September 2012
Theme: Patchwork: Learning diversities
Place: Belgrade, Serbia
Website: http://www2.unine.ch/patchworks2012
1st Call
2nd Call

  • SIG 11 "Teaching and Teacher Education"
    Took place: 13-15 June 2012
    Theme: "Teaching and Teacher Education in an Era of Accountability - What do we know and what do we need to know?"
    Place: Bergen, Norway

Website: http://sig2012.wordpress.com

  • SIG 12 "Writing"

Took place: 11-13 July 2012.
Place: Porto, Portugal
The local organising committee is lead by Rui A. Alves.
All queries can be sent to sigwriting2012@fpce.up.pt.
Website: www.fpce.up.pt/sigwriting2012

  • SIG 13 "Moral and Democratic Education"

Took place: 18-21 June 2012
Place: Bergen, Norway
Chair of the local organising committee Jostein Saether (E-mail Jostein.Saether@nla.no )
Website: www.sig13.org/Bergen

  • SIG 14 "Learning and Professional Development"

Took place: 22-24 August 2012
Theme: Learning in transition
Place: Antwerp, Belgium
Website: www.ua.ac.be/earlisig14
Please find more information here

  • SIG 15 "Special Educational Needs"

Took place: 29 - 30 August 2012
Theme: Theoretically-based intervention of learning disorders
Place: Utrecht University (The Netherlands)
Website: http://earlisig.fss.uu.nl/earli-sig-15-conference/

1st Call
2nd Call

Final Call

  • SIG 16 "Metacognition"

Took place: 5-8 September 2012
Place: Milan, Italy
Website: http://www.metacognition2012.it/
1st Call
2nd Call

  • SIG 17 "Qualitative and quantitative approaches to learning and instruction"

Took place: 6-7 September 2012
Theme: Mixed methods for analysing educational interactions
Location: Saxion University of Applied Sciences, Deventer, The Netherlands
Website: www.saxion.nl/earlisig17

  • SIG 18 "Educational Effectiveness"
Took place: 29-31 August 2012

Theme: From Theory to Theory. Empirical Analyses in Relation to Theoretical Models of Educational Effectiveness
Place: Zurich, Switzerland
Contact: earli@ife.uzh.ch
Website: www.earli.uzh.ch


"Tips & tricks for methodological issues and statistical, analyses in educational effectiveness research" 
Took place: 28-29 August 2012
Place: Zurich, Switzerland
Link: www.earli.uzh.ch
Contact: JURE coordinator Mechteld van Kuijk (M.F.van.Kuijk@rug.nl)

  • SIG 19 "Religious and Spiritual Education"

Took place: 23-25 August 2012
Theme: What is Religious and Spiritual Education good for?
Place: Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
Website: http://www.ru.nl/theology/research/what-religious/

  • Sig 20 "Computer Supported Inquiry Learning"

Took place: 22-24 August 2012

Theme: "Promoting Science Through Inquiry"
Place: Bochum, Germany
Website: http://www.pp.rub.de/earlisig20

  • SIG 22 "Neuroscience and Education"

Took place: 24-26 May 2012
Place: London, United Kingdom