Guidelines for submitting book manuscripts


Procedure for preparing and submitting a book manuscript:

If the book proposal has been accepted by the editorial board

  • The guest editor(s) send guidelines to the authors upon the general structure of the chapters in order to increase coherence of the book as a whole. The authors are asked to apply the given format. 
  • The guest editor(s) / author appoint(s) two external reviewers per chapter (external means: not part of the guest editorial team).
  • The reviewers who review the chapter send in a review report with the judgment: accept with minor revision / accept with major revision / reject to the guest editorial team. 
  • The guest editor(s) is responsible for communicating the comments and judgment of the reviewers to the authors of the different chapters. Upon revision, the authors give detailed feedback upon the comments of the reviewers. 
  • In case of major revisions, the revisions (per chapter) are checked by the guest editor(s) and send again to the reviewers. The reviewers review the revised chapter and formulate a final judgement upon the quality of the chapter. 
  • The guest editor(s) is the final judge and decides upon the quality of each chapter and the book manuscript as a whole. (The decision criteria for publishing can be found in the procedure for reaching a decision.)
  • The guest editor submits an electronic copy (via Dropbox) of the book manuscript to the Editor-in-Chief. The format of the book manuscript should be consistent with the guidelines set by Routledge (writing style, bibliography style, spacing, etc.) which can be found here. Note that Routledge envisage a manuscript length of between 200 pp and 250 pp (c. 90,000 and c. 120,000 words). 
  • The guest editor(s) sends also an extended report to the editorial board. This review report includes:
    • A list with names of the external reviewers per chapter and overview of the decisions of the reviewers per review round (major / minor / reject) and final decisions of the guest editors.
    • Per chapter: a summary of the review report(s) and revision report containing the actions undertaken by the authors per comment. 
  • The procedure for reaching a decision about a submitted book manuscript is as follows:
    • The Editor-in-Chief evaluates if the review procedure outlined above is followed and if the authors of the chapters have sufficiently dealt with the reviewers' comments and therefore, a high quality of the manuscript can be guaranteed. 
    • A decision will be reached by the editorial board about whether or not to publish the submitted book in the series. The decision is based upon the following criteria:
      • Logicality of the structure
      • Clear conceptual framework
      • Research based
      • Methods applied are appropriate
      • Coherence between different chapters
      • Accuracy of the quality control (see submission procedure above)
  • The decision will be conveyed to the editor(s) / author by the Editor-in-Chief.
  • If the decision is positive, the Editor-in-Chief will contact Routledge, who will be in touch with the book author / editor about publication procedures.