EARLI has Special Interest Groups representing researchers who study one or more parts and/or aspects of the field of Learning and Instruction. One of the main goals of EARLI is to encourage communication between researchers through Special Interest Groups. The SIGs support activities such as meetings, newsletters and publications and they give substance to the conference themes of the biennial EARLI conferences. Each SIG has two SIG Coordinators and one JURE Assistant Coordinator.



You can see a list of all the SIGs by clicking here.


How to join

Membership of SIGs is open to all EARLI members. A list of the SIGs appears on the membership application form. To become a member of a SIG, please tick the check-box of the SIG you would like to be affiliated with. As an EARLI member you can join as many SIGs as you like at a yearly fee of € 8 per SIG.


You can access the individual pages for SIGs which give details of their coordinators and forthcoming events by clicking their title.
Alternatively, click here to you view the SIG Conference Calender!

A coordinator of a Special Interest Group, is an important liaison between the members of the SIG, the EARLI Executive Committee and the EARLI office. Being a SIG coordinator involves responsibilities with regard to the organisation of SIG activities such as seminars, newsletters and other publications. Together with your colleague SIG coordinator you are the communication link to the EARLI organisation.

In order to inform you of the possibilities, regulations, tasks and 'habits' with regard to the SIGs, we made these guidelines. It is, however, important to keep in mind that you should never hesitate to contact the EARLI office (lisa.vanhaeren@earli.org) or the EC-member holding the portfolio of the SIGs (Prof. Sanna Jarvela) with any questions.'