Baruch Schwarz
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel



Armin Weinberger
Saarland University, Germany


                                                                         Freydis Vogel

                                                                   JURE Assistant Coordinator: Freydis Vogel

                                                     Technische Universität München, School of Education, Germany


Mission Statement

Arguing to learn as well as learning to argue are central goals of progressive pedagogies. While those types of activities are extremely rewarding both from learning, developmental, and dialogic perspectives, their implementation in educational contexts encounters enormous obstacles and difficulties. Possible venues for facing these obstacles are (a) R&D efforts in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning tools that afford the emergence of new forms of argumentation that open new opportunities for learning and development, (b) research in design of environments for argumentation and learning (e.g., by scripts, structuring discourse, design of resources, arrangement of groups, etc.) and (c) research on innovative teaching practices. We focus on research on argumentation in educational contexts across the life span in different disciplines (mathematics, science, history, civic education, etc.), elaborating theories and methods to study how motivational, epistemological, and emotional factors impinge on the quality of different forms of argumentation in education, analyze argumentative competence in various disciplinary areas, and investigate approaches and tools to facilitate argumentation in various educational contexts.



SIGs 20 & 26 "Inquiry Learning" and "Argumentation, Dialogue and Reasoning"
Dates: 22nd - 24th of August, 2016
Theme: Inquiry and Argumentation: Education for Thinking
Place: Ghent University, Belgium

First call for papers
 - SIG 20
First call for papers - SIG 26

Deadline for proposals: 8th of April, 2016 (extended)
Deadline for EARLY BIRD registration: 27th of May, 2016