Date: 28-30 August 2008

Venue: Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main

Coordinators: Jan van Damme, Eckhard Klieme

The German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) and the University of Frankfurt hosted the first conference of the EARLI SIG 18 from August 28 - 30, 2008 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. The theme of the conference was "Educational Effectiveness: Theoretical and Methodological Challenges for Educational Research". It aimed at enhancing the exchange between researchers belong-ing to different traditions and strands of educational effectiveness research in the participating countries to strengthen the theoretical and empirical soundness of educational effectiveness research. The confer-ence theme was reflected by 3 keynote speeches and more than 60 contributions to 2 symposia, 8 paper sessions and a poster session. About 110 participants attended the conference.

The keynote speakers gave a review of research on educational effectiveness in their countries and dis-cussed promising designs of educational effectiveness research.
• Jan van Damme (University of Leuven, Belgium): Educational Effectiveness in a Tracked European System: the Case of Flanders
• Brian Rowan (University of Michigan, USA): School Improvement by Design: Lessons from the Study of Comprehensive School Reform Programs in the United States
• Peter Tymms (Durham University, United Kingdom): Combining Interventions with Monitoring: Large Scale Work from the UK.

The topics of the sessions addressed different concepts and their relation to educational outcomes such as "Teacher Education", "Leadership and Staff", "Learning Opportunities", "Classroom Instruction" and "Non-Cognitive Outcomes". Methodological and measurement issues were discussed in sessions on "Ef-fects of school and schooling", "Modelling Growth", "School Composition and School Processes" and a national symposium on the "State of the Art of Educational Effectiveness Research in Germany" with Peter Tymms (UK) as discussant. Further information and the conference programme can be obtained from the conference website at

The next SIG 18 conference on educational effectiveness will take place from 26 until 29 or 30 August 2010 at the University Leuven, Belgium.