liisa postareff  

Liisa Postareff

University of Helsinki, Finland


Robert Kordts-Freudinger

Paderborn University, Germany





JURE Assistant Coordinator: Rike Bron

University of Twente, the Netherlands

Mission Statement

SIG 4 Higher Education aims to offer the opportunity to those whose educational research interests are in learning and instruction in higher education, to hear about and exchange ideas with colleagues with similar interests. While there is considerable overlap with the many other areas of education research that are a part of the EARLI network, some aspects of the higher education context are quite different and require a special interest group. These include the areas of student learning where the student is given or expected to achieve high levels of autonomy, teaching in which the curriculum and teaching approaches are determined largely by the individual teacher, and academic or educational development, which is addressed at the level of individual tertiary institutions.



SIG 4 "Higher Education"
Dates: 13th - 15th of July, 2016
Theme: The Scholarship of Learning, Teaching and Organising
Place: Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands



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SIG 4 Business Meeting 2016 - HEC, Amsterdam