September 3-5, 2008

Salzburg, Austria

EARLI SIG 7 Learning and Instruction with Computers in cooperation with SIG 6 Instructional Design

Beyond knowledge: the legacy of competence
Meaningful computer-based learning environments

Learning and instruction with computers is intrinsically tied to current educational practice in schools, universities, the corporate world and informal learning settings. Nevertheless, integration of technology in education is a sensitive task that has to be planned well in order to meet the needs of learners, teachers and educational objectives. Current changes in European education stress the role of competences and educational standards and their fostering within educational practice. Here, meaningful computer-based learning environments can contribute to achieve competence acquisition and to meet super ordinate educational standards.
Contributions dedicated to empirical research (foundational as well as applied empirical research) within this area were encouraged. But also other contributions covering the area of learning and instruction with computers within schools, universities, the corporate world or informal learning settings were welcome.