11th - 13th October, 2006

Open University, Heerlen, the Netherlands

Lifelong learning of professionals: exploring implications of a transitional labour market. Labour markets of the professions, occupations and vocations are in a continuous state of change. Due to economic and technical developments occupations can change dramatically, vocations may disappear and professions may develop very different procedures and standards.

Over a person's working life, stretching from age 20 till 65, several of these changes wil take place. These dynamics have implications for initial and continuous education, for the way people manage their lives and organise their (lifelong) learning, for the way organisations adapt themselves.

- Professions and occupations under development
- Multidisciplinarity in research and theory development
- Theory meets practice in professional learning and development

Keynote speakers:
- Victoria Marsick, The J.M. Huber Institute for Learning in Organisations
- Rolf van de Velden, Research Institute for Education and Labour Market, Maastricht University
- Anders Ericsson, Florida State University
- Sabine Sonnentag, University of Constanz
- Wiel Lindelauf, Vodafone