Minutes of the Business Meeting of SIG Writing
during the 12th EARLI Conference in Budapest, August 30th, 2007

by Asa Wengelin

Participants (22)

Barbara Aefé, University of Verona, Italy
Denis Alamargot, University of Poitiers, France
Pietro Boscolo, University of Padova, Italy
Martine Braaksma, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Julie Dockrell, Institute of Education, University of London, UK
Ann-Marie Eriksson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
David Galbraith, Staffordshire University, UK
Joachim Grabowski, Heidelberg University of Education, Germany
Esther Japha, Israel, Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Roger Johansson, Lund University, Sweden
Marleen Kieft, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Marielle Leijten, Antwerp University, Belgium
Eva Lindgren, Umeå University, Sweden
David Messer, Open University, UK
Mikael Nordenfors, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Petra Schütte-Löbbert, Münster University, Germany
Gert Rijlaarsdam, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Marie Stevenson, The University of Sidney, Australia
Mark Torrance, Staffordshire University, UK
Luuk van Waes, Antwerp University, Belgium
Daphne van de Weijer, The Netherlands
Åsa Wengelin, Lund University, Sweden

Coordinators report:

Joachim Grabowski & Åsa Wengelin reported that SIG writing had 115 members at the
beginning of EARLI 2007 (August 27th) and that we are quite a stable and active SIG with
regular contacts with other writing organisations, such as the European Association for the
Teaching of Academic Writing (EATAW) and the Canadian Association of Teachers of
Technical Writing (CATTW). Some current activities are:
CATTW are at the moment attempting to create an international writing organisation and the
SIG Writing coordinators are following the progress of this process closely.
SIG Writing will be well represented at the "Writing Research Across Borders"Conference in
Santa Barbara in 2008.
A COST network proposal has been submitted by a large group of SIG Writing members. The
coordinator of this action is Denis Alamargot at University of Poitiers.
Report of the SIG Writing conference in Antwerp 2006
Luuk van Waes reported that the conference had received 210 proposals. Of these were 130
papers and 30 posters accepted. Generally the presentations were of high quality. 215 people
from 41 countries across five continents attended the conference. Instead of publishing
proceedings all presenters were encouraged to upload their presentations to the SIG Writing
SIG Writing Business Meeeting 2007 2
publication server, and the conference contributed 2000 Euro towards the server. The
participants of the meeting concluded that it had been a very successful conference.
SIG Conference Lund 2008
Åsa Wengelin reported on the progress of the SIG Writing 2008 Conference planning. The
conference will take place at Lund University, Sweden, June 11th-13th 2008. Calls for papers
have been distributed to the SIG Writing list, to Linguist List, to the EATAW list and to the
organisers of the "Writing Research Across Borders" organisers. The web page of the
conference is http://sigwriting2008.sol.lu.se. Deadline for submissions is November 30th
Publication services
Gert Rijlaarsdam reported that there are approximately 220 papers on the SIG Writing
publication server (http://www.sigwritingpublications.org) at the moment. All SIG members
attending the EARLI conference will be asked to upload their presentations.
Four new books have been published in the Sudies in Writing Book Series during the last
• Volume 17: Writing and digital media.
Luuk van Waes, Mariëlle Leijten & Chris Neuwirth (Eds.)
• Volume 18: Computer key-stroke logging and writing.
Kirk Sullivan & Eva Lindgren (Eds.)

• Volume 19: Writing and motivation.
Suzanne Hidi & Pietro Boscolo (Eds.)

• Volume 20: Writng and cognition.
Torrance, M., van Waes, L. & Galbraith, D. (Eds.)
SIG Writing will start a new journal - Journal of Writing Research - during the next year,
under the editorship of Luuk van Waes. The first issue will be ready by the SIG Writing 2008
conference in June next year.

SIG Writing homepage services
The SIG Writing web pages (http://www.sig-writing.org/) which are currently being
maintained by Joachim Grabowski as part of his coordinatorship will continue to be
maintained by him even after this meeting when he retires as the SIG coordinator. The pages
aim at providing basic information about SIG Writing ans its activities.

SIG Writing conference 2010
Joachim Grabowski invited us to Heidelberg in 2010.
Discussion: Writing in the Budapest conference

SIG Writing was well represented at EARLI 2007 in Budapest. Four symposia, 31 paper
presentations and five posters on writing were given. The organisers had managed not to
schedule them in parallell. Thus most writing presentations were well attended.

Coordinators Election
Denis Alamargot from the University of Poitiers in France was elected as the new
coordinator. He will serve together with Åsa Wengelin, who has two years left of her

SIG Writing Business Meeeting 2007 3
Other issues
We thanked Joachim Grabowski for his good work as the coordinator during the last four
Finally the coordinators would like to inform all members on the following upcoming

• AILA 2008: World Conference of Applied Linguistics
August 24-29, 2008, Essen, Germany
Website: www.aila2008.org

29. International Conference of Psychology
July 20-25, 2008, Berlin, Germany

submission still open until October 31, 2007
Website: www.icp2008.de

BPS Psychology of Education Conference
November 9-11, 2007, Stoke-on-Trent, UK
Website: www.staffs.ac.uk/psychconf/

• 3rd International Santa Barbara Conference on Writing Research
„Writing Research Across Borders"
February 22-24, 2008, Santa Barbara, CA
Website: www.writing.ucsb.edu/wrconf08/